BOSS WordPress Theme


If Blair Waldorf went on a drive through the forest and wanted to text a picture to Serena of the exact look she wanted for her newly discovered desire to explore the outdoors, she would screenshot this theme and send it straight over to her “best friend.” This theme is 100 years more modern than upper Manhattan with a hint of (I guess up-state) or maybe Cornwall, Connecticut. The subtle brown contrasting the white gives this theme a home-grown feel tied in with elegance of the 2100s. This theme fully optimized for desktop, tablet, and mobile captures the essence of the modern, elegant, adventurous type that doesn’t mind spreading rumors; I mean getting dirty. If that sounds like you, just take this theme already, its yours!





Express yourself simply. Introduce your minimalist method
your unique style and share a photo slideshow of all your best photos.
You’ll get attention like you’ve never seen in your life
when you use this theme. Just think of Chuck with either girl.