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All Kanye wanted was to take a picture with Kim and their kids on Christmas in front the tree. In 2016 he did that. Kanye’s been with a lot of girls in his life. He has even questioned why, when he is trying to look for a good girl he still addicted to the hood girls. Mr. West was stuck on these ghetto boujie girls. smh sad for him. But it was his destiny to end up with Kim. He got all he wanted, he didnt even think life could be this good but after destiny led him to my sister Kim K’s heart he had it all, Kanye was complete. A beautiful love story. You may have had a lot of websites in your life some of those site may have even been a little “hood“. But destiny has led you to this wordpress template. This isn’t a joke, this site is the Kim K of wordpress templates; strong and beautiful. Something that says thinks I don’t need to say anything for everyone in the room to notice me, they just do. If you are the Kim K of your career then I’m not gonna say anymore because your beauty intimidates me and I will just give you whatever you want.



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Beautiful full width image navigation menu and a sweet little about me
section for your visitors who have short attention spans.
29.97 FPS use to be standard for video back in the 480p days
but now you can feature your vimeo or youtube videos on your site
in full 24p up to 4k. YIKES THATS A LOT OF CUTENESS!