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Impress your website visitors with a cozy grid layout that fits perfectly in the center of your website. tbh you will probably make more friends now that you have this theme. Share your style with the world!



You just finished shooting the most in-love couple you’ve ever met in life, you’re filled with jealousy that these 2 people are sharing the sweetest part of life together. You’ve taken countless photos and now you are thinking you want to delete all of them because these people are so freaking cute; but then you remember, they paid for them and you agreed to give them a handful of photos… OR you’re super excited that these 2 people found love and are grateful to be a small part of these massive decision that they are making AND THEN ANOTHER THOUGHT ROLLS INTO YOUR MIND: “I need a website to feature all of these couples, weddings, and trips I’ve been apart of. All of these experiences have made me so happy and I know sharing that happiness will make the world a better place.” SRSLY, you thought those things?? YOU ARE MY FAVORITE! This theme is exactly the latter of those two scenerios. A clean, minimilist shout out to all the in love people in the world who’s smiles are so untreatably contagious. and YOU are the one who captures the simple & sweet moments for these people. This theme is all you!